Toaster Oven or Toaster?

ToasterPerhaps you’re in the market for a new toaster and have been considering the idea of a toaster oven instead. If you’re wondering what the differences may, there are quite a few, many of which tilt in favour of the toaster oven.

When it comes to toasting the perfect slice of bread, you likely think that is a job for your toaster. Well did you know you can do the same thing in a toaster oven, as well as a whole lot more? Most toaster ovens can accommodate two, four or six slices of bread at a time so you can toast just as many as a traditional toaster. Because it is an oven, you can also control the temperature, therefore getting the exact colour you like (light, medium or dark). Many models even offer a particular one-touch button feature that will toast perfectly each and every time.

So what about items like your bagels, toaster waffles and pancakes and other toaster goodies? These can all be placed in your toaster oven as well, giving you the same results as your toaster.

What sets the toaster oven apart from just a toaster is the additional items you can use it for. Think of your toaster oven as a miniature oven. You’ll be able to do everything from baking a cake, cooking roasted potatoes, meals straight from the freezer into the oven and toasting those perfect open face sandwiches. As well, when you use your toaster oven to make traditional oven meals, you’ll be using up to 33% less power with the added bonus that your entire house doesn’t heat up while the oven is on. A typical toaster oven looks exactly like an oven just on a much smaller scale. It has a front door with a wire rack and usually comes with a baking pan.

When using the toaster oven you’ll quickly discover they heat up extremely fast, much faster than your regular electric oven. However, when toasting bread, a toaster is faster than the toaster oven.

ToastersA toaster oven can often replace your oven and toaster for many meals, however there are still drawbacks. If you’re planning to cook a large roast, chicken, turkey or other large meat dishes, the toaster oven just isn’t going to cook it. As well, there are only certain types of dishes/pans that can be used in the toaster oven. Glass is not recommended to be used.

Cost is another factor, with a typical toaster oven being quite a bit more than a traditional toaster. Keep in mind, the higher price tag is meant to reflect the fact that you can use it for much more than just toasting. As well, if you’re short on counter space the toaster oven may not be a good choice. Not only are they wide but they tend to be fairly deep, therefore taking up a pretty prominent spot on the counter.

It’s important before making your decision that you give thought as to what you cook on a regular basis, the portion size and the space available in your kitchen for a toaster versus a toaster oven.

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