Sunbeam 5891 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker

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Brand Name Sunbeam
Model 5891
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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If you are tired of making breads using a conventional method, now it is time for you to get Sunbeam Programmable Breadmaker to help you solving your making bread problems. Keep your eyes peeled in order to get the deeper information and detailed review of this amazing breadmaker.

Sunbeam Bread maker is an easy-to-use, compact bread machine from Sunbeam with many great features. This breadmaker has 12 different cooking functions, makes you to be able to make any kinds of delicious breads, and become a professional bread chef in your home. All you have to do is just touch a button, and Sunbeam Programmable Breadmaker will do the rest for you.

This bread machine also featured with the ExpressBake Breadmaker Cycle, allows you to make bread in just an hour or less. Sunbeam 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker not only allows you to make breads, but it is also perfect for making cakes and even jellies as well.

Features of Sunbeam Programmable Breadmaker


  • Sunbeam Programmable Breadmaker comes with the ability to make up to 2 pounds bread loaves using 600-watt electric power.
  • Featured with 12 cooking functions which will help you to make any bread you want, in just an hour
  • Featured with touch-control panel, 3 different crust shades, and 13 hour programmable baking timer
  • The large LED display makes you easier to watch the time
  • Sunbeam Breadmaker also featured with the large viewing window in order to help you keeping an eye while the baking process is running
  • Sunbeam Breadmaker added with non-stick baking pan which can be removed easily for easy cleanup. NOTE: You should not use metal utensils along with this nonstick baking pan

Reviews of the Sunbeam 2-Pound Programmable Breadmaker Customers

Provided here are just some of the reviews stated by the customers who bought this breadmaker machine.

A satisfied customer said that this breadmaker is a reliable consistent basic breadmaker, and it works very well after she made 10 different types of bread. She also said that the price is cheap.

sunbeam-2-poundAnother customer who is satisfied by this amazing breadmaker said that this is a great bread machine for the price. This breadmaker is easy to use, and she is happy with that.

Another happy customer reviewed that she has been using the Sunbeam Programmable Breadmaker for 7 years, and she is still using it today. It is no doubt that you can count on the durability of this machine.

The reviews of this product are positive overall, but there are some niggling points come out. A customer said that the manual book is uninformative, especially for the new user. But this is not a big problem, since Sunbeam 2-Pound Programmable Bread maker is really easy to use. You may just need a day to understand how the machine works, and where to push the button.

She also said that she experienced getting a loaf that too brown, because she forgot did not select the “light” color. This is maybe just a personal issue, which means you won’t face this problem if you remember to select the “light” color every time you use this breadmaker.

In other words, we can conclude that this machine is a good choice with the affordable price.

 Customer Reviews

Great purchase
So glad I bought this bread maker. This is the first bread maker I have purchased. Such a time saver! I had never made bread from scratch before, it?s easy and tastes much better than store bought. The instructions are easy to understand, comes with a measuring cup, and tbsp/tsp combo. Sometimes I use it just to make the dough for dinner rolls. I especially like the window on the top so you can check on your bread?s progress or check the consistency of the dough. You can lift the lid to add water or flour to your dough during kneading if needed. Very happy with this purchase!Redhawk

This is very good thing!Inna
Great Machine, Thin Non-Stick coating
We bought this bread machine Oct '08 so that we would never have to run up to the store (nearest one 30 miles) to buy bread again! We've been using it to bake two to three loaves per week since it arrived. It works like magic. We used our own version of the manufacturer's basic white recipe, posting a copy of it on the cabinet door, just above the machine. That means that even if I'm not home when we run out, anyone in the house can make a loaf. The only problem we ran into was that the non-stick coating flaked off right under the paddle. This machine is perfect for small families.tyoung7
Best bread ever!!
After years of slinging commercial bread, it's so nice to finally get some real bread that's healthier and gluten free. I followed the basic recipe and the bread came out yummy. I only wish that the slices weren't so big but the bread is so good! Great value for the money. Can't wait to make jam with this and sell the jam.SoapMaker420
Bread just like you get fresh from the oven.
We purchased another bread maker 3 yrs ago when I found out a lot of preservatives were causing serious health issues. We found a wheat bread recipe that we liked and made it weekly. Then the maker died. Walmart had the Sunbeam on sale for the same price as the other. So we took a chance. I am so glad we did. Our bread had always been a bit heavy flour in spots and the top would often collapse with the old bread maker. In the Sunbeam it is light and airy and the top never falls. It is just as it would be if baked in the oven.TRBR
Best bread machine I have found
I have had machines that cost much more, but did not have the features I like. I have worn out two of these machine due to constant use. After the last one died I did a lot of research, and it was my only choice for a replacement. I primarily use the dough feature, and because I can delay the start time, I can set it up in the morning, and when I come home from work the dough is ready for whatever I need it for (bread, pizza, calzones, flat bread, hamburger buns, sub rolls, etc)DottyBC

I have owned the same breadmaker for years and loved it therefore that is why I bought this model because it works very good.Shad0w
easy to follow directions
I've never made bread before and found that using this machine is so easy that we have been using it 3-4 times a week since purchasing.Shadylady1949
Rugged, no fuss unit. well worth the price.
An easy-to-use breadmaker that has not changed in design or manufacture for several years. It's well worth the price, and it makes a variety of breads with no fuss. The cookbook provides basic recipes for whatever it can do (breads, dough, jam, etc.), and you can change or improve on the recipes with little danger. I've purchased a number of bread machines in the last 20 years. This one has been the most reliable, making two or three 1 1/2 pound loaves every week.
Not the greatest.
First bought this product online as it said online only and it never arrived.
Bought it twice in as little as 2 weeks in store (go figure) and returned them both. Tried a few recipes and the sides of the bread were a nice golden brown but the top stayed white. What's the point if you have to brown the top in the oven?MobyDick12000

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