Oster CKSTBRTW20 2-Pound Expressbake Breadmaker

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Ideal for large families, this bread maker can make up to a 2 pound loaf of bread. The unit features 9 bread settings and 3 crust settings for a variety of breads, dough and jams. With the Expressbake setting, you can have freshly baked bread in no time.

  • Up to a 2.0 lb. loaf capacity, ideal for larger families
  • 9 bread settings and 3 crust settings for variety of breads, dough and jams
  • Expressbake® setting bakes bread in under an hour
  • 13-hour programmable baking timer allows for fresh breads anytime
  • Large lcd display – easily indicates each stage of the bread making process
  • Up to a 2-pound loaf capacity, ideal for larger families
  • Expressbake setting bakes bread in under an hour
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 Customer Reviews

Love my Oster bread machine !!!
Only bread machine I will use. LOVE LOVE LOVE this machine !!!!The rubber on the basket does wear out, but at this price I just get a new machine instead of replacing the basket (only a few $ price difference) ….I make literally hundreds of batches of dough. !!!!! I saw one review that their machine did not work after only one time using it...bet anything the time delay was on..(happened to me once)..When it is time to replace....this is the machine I go to !!!!Elaine
My first breadmaker was from the 90s, it was vertical & worked great. I bought this Oster b'maker (as my 4th b'maker!) at my local Walmart last week, because it's more vertical than my 3rd b'maker. Being vertical and having rounded corners means that I don't have to check that the flour is properly mixed in (which I had to do with the 3rd b'maker). Made the first loaf as recipe book says, plain ol' white bread but it tastes good. Used regular unbleached flour (not bread flour as recipe called for). Time to eat it was 3.75hours (including cool down time, quicker than old machine). It's smaller & lighter, easily fits in under-counter cabinet. Recipes look good, though I want to try some heavy fiber breads too. I bake at least one loaf a week, I would recommend it.kristina
Inspired to bake
Since we received this bread maker, my family of eight has made loaf after loaf of delicious bread! The first two pound loaf disappeared before dinner was done the first night. My eleven-year-old daughter has been making raisin bread for breakfast and to share with friends. I'm so glad it came with a measuring cup that reads to the eighth of a cup, because this makes following the recepies easier. We had had another bread maker, but this one is sooo much easier to clean because the mixing paddle detaches. I also like all the crust choices, as I have a fussy eater. Now we can eat healthier choices because we know exactly what's in our bread!shannonmmi
Well Done
This is the 3rd bread maker I have used. It is by far the most convenient to use. This machine is lighter than the others making it easier to move around and to store. Even though it is lighter it is just as strong and does not bog down with a heavy dough.

The basic and specialty recipes are great and supplement the ones I already use. The gluten free setting and recipes make a good tasting and texture bread.

I especially like the countdown timer to make specialty breads that I form and bake in the oven for that extra homemade touch.

If I had to find something I didn't like it would be the square foot print which takes up storage room on the countertop.

I received a sample to review and am glad I did.Jakflash
I'm in love with this bread machine!
I am in love with this bread machine! It was incredibly easy to use and the cleanup was super easy. You can mix all the ingredients right inside the bread pan, and it does all the mixing and kneading for you. Super quick clean up, and the bread smells and tastes amazing. My daughter and I have made 4-5 different types of bread just this week using it. I especially like how there are different time settings for quick bread. You can even make pasta dough too. We love how you can see the whole process through the top glass. This will defiantly be my go to gift for giving this year.Heather T
Love this bread maker!!
This is the 3rd bread maker that I have owned and it is the best, by far. I made the herbed bread recipe that came in the instruction manual and it came out perfect. The pizza dough recipe is also a must try. I love the design of this bread maker. The only thing is that the machine is a little wobbly. At first, I thought it was my counter top but it was the same no matter what surface I put it on. I folded up a paper towel and put it under one of the legs and that did the trick. Even during the kneading cycles, it didn't move. Overall, great product.
Disclaimer: I received this product as a sample to review. I did not receive compensation for my review.Amanda W
love this awesome all in one machine!
This is one awesome little machine. I have fallen in love! I'm no baker by any means and this machine does all the work for you. You add your wet ingredients, then dry, then make a well for the fast acting yeast, pour it in and you are good to go! Since receiving this machine I have made 4 loafs and my own dough for calzones. The recipes in the instructions are awesome and so easy to follow. I love the viewing window on the top to see my bread as it bakes. Another cool feature in the instructions is a time guide so that you can see what is happening and when. I love this machine and am already thinking of getting my parents one as a gift. I did receive this product free to try and review but honestly I would buy it I love it so much!mshkbrowning
Fun machine
I've had this bread machine for about two weeks and tried three different recipes from the instruction manual. They are all delicious. I followed the recipes as they were in the booklet and I didn't have any problems with flat or dense loaves. Since I had baked bread by hand before, I knew what the consistency of the dough should be, so I had to add a tiny bit of water or flour to the bread machine as it was kneading. The only time the machine is noisy is when it's kneading but bearable. My next endeavor is a sourdough starter!* I did receive this machine to write a review.Tarasu
Great product with a gluten free feature
I got the machine and I wasn't sure it was going to do gluten-free the way it said it was. I tried it out with gluten-free bread, using the wheat setting, and it worked wonderfully. The machine looks very sleek, and the functioning is very user-friendly. I love Oster products, I have for years. I have a blender that my mother bought in the early 60s that still works to this day. I love making bread fresh because I can control the ingredients. It's relatively cheap to make bread in this machine, far cheaper than the store, that's for sure! All in all, I love this machine.
I originally got this machine as a sample, and I am so happy for it!Gaetano
Worked only one time
I bought this bread maker last week because of the good reviews and reasonable price. It worked very well the first time I used it. Pretty straight forward. But it never worked again after that first use. The second time I tried to use it, it wouldn't power on. Tried the troubleshooting to no avail. It is completely dead. I had to wash all the ingredients down the garbage disposal. I'm extremely disappointed and hope that I can get my money back.Andrea

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