West Bend 3-Pound Bread Maker, 47413

Brand Name West Bend
Model 47413
Rating ★★★★½ 
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From the company that pioneered the concept of automating fresh baked bread at home in the 1980s, West Bend bread makers are perfect for novice or accomplished bread smiths. Choose your favorite ingredients and the bread maker will do the rest. This machine makes 3 different loaf sizes - 2, 2.5 and 3 lb. batches.

West Bend 3-Pound Bread Maker, 47413West Bend 3-Pound Bread Maker, 47413
West Bend 3-Pound Bread Maker, 47413
West Bend 3-Pound Bread Maker, 47413
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 Customer Reviews

It works, rather well.
My wife makes a lot of bread for neighbors and social events and parties. She uses the machine to knead dough. She keeps her slim beautiful arms but still gets to work up a storm. These pans last us about 4 years. At least half of those days are spent making dough balls, usually 3 or 4 plots of dough a day. They are great pans, they do a lot of the heavy work for you. The bearings do give out after years of service. This is the 3rd bread machine in the last 22 years, it is only two years old, we have owned. We never wore out a bread machine, they simply discontinued them and we couldn't get the pans anymore. So about 10 years of service with 3 to 4 pans per machine so far.

Great product, thanks to WestBend for making it and not forgetting those of us that still love to cook.Java
Great bread machine
Wasn't sure I would like my new bread machine. I made cinnamon rolls using the dough feature and I really liked how the rolls turned out!!!Martha
Works good
Have used it for 2 loaves so far. Makes big loaves. Happy with this bread maker. I would change how the pan locks in, but I haven't found a bread maker that has any easier way.Crissy

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