Sharpie Deep Sea Color Collection Coloring Kit

Brand Name Sharpie
Model 1989554
Rating ★★★★½ 
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Sharpie® Deep Sea Color Collection coloring kit includes ten Sharpie® permanent fine markers and ten Sharpie permanent ultra-fine markers in a color assortment ideal for any aquatic theme. Depict underwater scenes, beachy landscapes, oceanic creatures and more. This kit features a custom coloring book that contains a balanced mix of intriguing details and open space, encouraging you to make the most of the Sharpie fine/ultrafine experience. The designs are printed on thick paper ideal for vibrant coloring.

Sharpie Deep Sea Color Collection Coloring KitSharpie Deep Sea Color Collection Coloring Kit
Sharpie Deep Sea Color Collection Coloring Kit
Includes curable gift box
Coloring book features heavy stock papers
Ideal for adults and precocious young artists
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 Customer Reviews

Love it!
Love this set! The book pages are think enough that it didn't bleed through! The book is beautiful and very fun to color!Ashley
Gifted my grandson who is presently homeboundnmyers315

I am really enjoying this coloring set...Beautiful vibarant colors...Debora

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