Hamilton Beach Electric Knife with Case | Model# 74275R

Brand Name Hamilton Beach
Model 74275R
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This Hamilton Beach Electric Knife with Case is ideal for anyone who values an easier method for cutting and slicing. With this product, you can carve meat and slice bread while exerting a lot less energy than you would the old-fashioned way. The chrome Hamilton beach knife features two stainless-steel reciprocating blades that create slices of uniform thickness. The stainless-steel material used in the making of these blades is durable and not prone to wear easily. This knife is made with a comfortable easy-to-grip handle, which means you will have total control over your kitchen project. It also conveniently comes with a carving fork and a compact storage case. The case makes it easy to transport from place to place and also means your knife will not get dirty while not in use.

Hamilton Beach Electric Knife with Case | Model# 74275RHamilton Beach Electric Knife with Case | Model# 74275RHamilton Beach Electric Knife with Case | Model# 74275RHamilton Beach Electric Knife with Case | Model# 74275R
Hamilton Beach Electric Knife with Case | Model# 74275R
Hamilton Beach Electric Knife with Storage Case Slicing, simplified. Make your holiday roast even more impressive by serving it perfectly cut. Or slice your favorite artisan breads, meats and cheese to create a deli classic at home. With a comfortable handle that?s easy to grip, the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife lets you make precise slices with little effort. The stainless steel blade never needs sharpening and removes easily for quick cleaning. The included stainless steel fork lets you go straight from carving to serving. And the storage case makes it simple to keep everything together in one small space. Key Features: ? Space-saving storage case ? Stainless steel blade and fork ? Perfect for carving meat and slicing all types of bread Effortlessly Cut Meats Cutting a turkey, ham or roast beef can be a big undertaking with a basic carving knife. The oscillating, double blade and power of the electric knife simplifies this task, letting you make precise cuts with little work. Perfectly Slice Breads From a warm, crispy baguette to a homemade loaf of light white, the Hamilton Beach Electric Knife lets you slice a wide variety of breads without compromising their texture. Keep All Parts Together Don?t scramble to find parts again. The included storage case keeps the knife, blade and fork protected and easily accessible in one place. Stainless Steel Blade and Fork Carve and serve with the included blade and fork. Ergonomic Handle Designed for comfort, the handle gives you better control no matter what you?re cutting.Hamilton Beach Electric Knife:Carving electric knife
Compact case neatly stores everything
Carves meats & slices breads
Easy-to-grip handle
Stainless-steel blades
Includes carving knife fork
Makes cutting and carving a hassle-free experience
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 Customer Reviews

great for carving
Loved that this came with a case & fork. Great value for the price!! I use it to make my own sandwich meats; it cuts through beef roast, pork roast, chicken breast & turkey no problems. It's cuts very thin or pretty thick slices & it's easy to clean - and stores in its own little case...thinking of getting others for gifts. Definitely recommend this, as I use it several times a week.gimomma
Great for meats
Nice storage case. Have used it numerous times and really like it. Only thing I might change is the button you press to operate. If you used it for long periods I think your finger would get sore. Love the price, case and nice carving fork. I would buy again.Vagabonds
Best brand for an electric knife
I had to replace my 20 year old Hamilton Beach electric knife because the plastic on the blade broke, it still worked but was concerned if the other side would break while using it so got the newer version which is just as nice, different case though but like it better.Bostonlover

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