Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker

Brand Name Hamilton Beach
Model 25490
Rating ★★★★¾ 
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They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Unfortunately, mornings are hectic for most people, especially families with children. So how do you cope with hunger pangs at breakfast? That's where the Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker comes to the rescue. Choose your bread and layer on the fixings: egg, cheese, precooked meat or your choice of ingredients. Cook two breakfast sandwiches to perfection and to your preferences. In five minutes or less, two hot and delicious breakfast sandwiches are ready to serve. You can customize each one with a variety of fresh ingredients. Even if you don't have time to sit down and eat breakfast, in about five minutes you can have two sandwiches to go.

Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich MakerHamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich MakerHamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich MakerHamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich MakerHamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich MakerHamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich MakerHamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich MakerHamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich MakerHamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich MakerHamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich MakerHamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker
Features:This breakfast maker is quick and easy to use
Makes 1 or 2 sandwiches
Ready to enjoy in 5 minutes
Cooks delicious breakfast sandwiches in your own home
Use your own fresh ingredients, including eggs, cheese and much more
Meat used must be precooked
Countdown timer with audible beep
Quick and easy recipes included with the Hamilton Beach sandwich maker
Easy cleanup - all removable parts are dishwasher safe
The Hamilton Beach sandwich maker has a 1-year limited warranty
Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker Model# 25490
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 Customer Reviews

No more paying Wawa almost $3.00 a piece
Hamilton Beach Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker, Silver
I just had to try this machine! I was tired of paying almost $3.00 a piece for Wawa's breakfast sandwiches.
The description promises hot, homemade breakfast sandwiches in less than five minutes.

This, I had to see!
What do I love about this machine?
It's compact enough to store in a cabinet.
You really do have homemade breakfast sandwiches made to your specification in less than five minutes.
The middle plates are easy to slide in and out.
Cleanup can be done in the dish washer or in the sink without too much of a fuss in minutes.

Those things all equal a no-mess, no-fuss breakfast (lunch or dinner) that's quick, yummy, and easy!

How does it work?

You preheat the machine and then place the bottom of your sandwich first. That can be just about anything that's 4" around. So I would include muffins, bagels and even little frozen pancakes! Next you add any precooked meats, veggies or cheese. Then you crack an egg into the cooking plate. Pierce the yolk. You can use whole eggs, just the whites, or scrambled. Last, just top the other half with whatever you've chosen and close the lid. The timer goes in half-minute increments when you use the up or down button to select your time. While it does beep when the time is up, this doesn't mean that the machine is off. That's the one thing I would change. It doesn't have automatic turn-off. That's the only thing! When you're done cooking, it's easy to get your sandwich out (depending on how thick you've made it). You just rotate the handles of the cooking plate so they turn out and stop, then life the ring assemblies and the cover. This is simply done by holding the bottom ring handles to open the machine.
All the moving plates were intimidating at first but I soon got over. It heats up fast an watch out it gets hot so keep a pot holder close by.
I wish they had incorporated an on/off switch on the front but I'm ok with it going on from just plugging it in.
You can make two totally different sandwiches at one time! One the way you like and one the way your husband likes or one way each of the kids like. It's so easy and very quick!
I made 2 sandwiches using English Muffins, shredded cheddar, thin sliced turkey, egg w/ yolk ( you can just do egg whites ) as soon as it was delivered and they were awesome hot and yummy.
Best of all I had everything I had here and didn't have to run out to the store to get it all.
No downside to this appliance but most of all no more $3.00 Breakfast Sandwiches for me.hackjoe
Never stop for breakfast again!
Where has this sandwich maker been all my life! I leave for work at 5am every morning and do not have time to cook breakfast every morning so I usually stop for the fast food breakfast sandwich. Never again! This sandwich maker is so easy to use and you have your breakfast in 5 minutes or less. That is including prep time. So easy to use, just spray surfaces with cooking spray and preheat. Preheating takes no time. Place your bread bottom (english muffin, bagel, croissant) in bottom ring and and meat, cheese, veggies, whatever you prefer then lower upper ring making sure the slide out divider is in and add your egg and bread top. I set the timer and continue getting ready for work. In less than 5 minutes you have a hot breakfast sandwich. When the timer goes off open lid and slide out divider lift the rings and remove your sandwich with a spatula. So fast and easy!! I was worried at first about placing a raw egg in thinking it would run out of the upper ring but it doesn't.
Clean up is fast and easy too. I just use a damp paper towel once the sandwich maker has cooled down and wipe it off.
You cannot beat this sandwich maker. Great for people who do not have time to cook breakfast before work.Camarogirl3
Very impressed
This is so easy to use. Plug it in, choose what you want on your sandwich put it all together and enjoy. Make sure the egg plate is closed and you preheat the machine to prevent the eggs from leaking... It's great so you can choose what ingredients you want to use. You can use a large egg, scramble, just egg white or egg with the yolk.
With the cooking process, you would think that putting the top of the muffin, bagel, or pancake directly on the uncooked egg wouldn't let it cook... Well the egg was cooked all the way through. (I did scrambled and regular with yolk) really only took 5 minutes and the muffins top and bottom were crispy and everything was completely cooked... So much better then McDonalds...
Very easy to take apart and clean. The egg rings and plates whiped clean with no problem... Cheese also melted on the side and wiped clean with just a paper towel. I lifted the rings and the sandwiches were together perfectly...
The rings come out for easy cleaning and they are dishwasher safe. (Do not use metal utensils)
Easy to put back together... Also small enough to fit in a kitchen cabinet...
The only cons about this is the cord is really short and the timer sound is very low so don't walk to far away while cooking... Other then that, this is a great machine... Have fun with it...Momma111

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