Fleischmann's Classic Bread Machine Yeast, 4 oz

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Model 01787
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Fleischmann's Bread Machine Instant Yeast. Also ideal for all RapidRise recipes. Equals 16 envelopes. Tips for better baking:For best results: refrigerate and use within 6 months after opening, but no later than the date on cap.Bread machine recipes:Bread machine yeast can be used in all bread machines on all cycles. Add yeast with flour. Avoid direct contact with liquids and salt. How to use bread machine (instant) yeast in traditional oven recipes:Mix undissolved bread machine yeast with dry ingredients. Add liquids that have been heated to 120 degrees to 130 degrees F.Add remaining ingredients.Knead. Cover; let rest 10 minutes (replaces first rise in 2-rise recipes). Dough will not rise during this time. Shape dough as directed in recipe. Cover and let rise until doubled in size. Bake as directed.2-1/4 tsp bread machine yeast (1/4 oz) = 1 Env. Rapid Rise™ yeast (1/4 oz) = 1 cake fresh yeast (0.6 oz).Refrigerate after opening. Then use within 6 months.

Fleischmann's Classic Bread Machine Yeast, 4 ozFleischmann's Classic Bread Machine Yeast, 4 ozFleischmann's Classic Bread Machine Yeast, 4 ozFleischmann's Classic Bread Machine Yeast, 4 ozFleischmann's Classic Bread Machine Yeast, 4 ozFleischmann's Classic Bread Machine Yeast, 4 oz
Fleischmann's Classic Bread Machine Yeast, 4 oz
No Artificial Ingredients Does not Contain Refined Sugar Fleischmann's Classic Yeast
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 Customer Reviews

Perfect Rise!
This yeast is my new favorite, I've been using it a lot in my breads,

and as you can see in the photos the yeast does a pretty good job at making dough rise.

I sprinkle a generous amount of this yeast into my batter and like magic the dough rises in minutes.

Generally speaking, it takes about 30 minutes to an hour for the shaped dough to rise over the loaf pan, which is pretty impressive I must say.

I store the yeast in the fridge kept in its original jar and inside a small plastic bag, and that keeps it as fresh as new.

Thank you for the excellent product, it was my pleasure to share my review.alan

I had a hard time finding yeast in stores when the pandemic began. Finally! Thank you Walmart. The description for this yeast says: 12 pack for $4.58. That didn't seem right to me. Just FYI - this yeast was not sold as a 12 pack. But it is still a great price! The bottles I purchased arrive on May 9, 2020 and they will expire in May 2022.Jemrtt
Works Great!
Ordered this online for my new bread machine, also ordered here online. Just took out my very first loaf of bread, never made bread before. It's amazing how large a 2lb loaf of bread is. It rose perfectly, nice light brown outer crust, scrumptious soft warm interior. My order for this showed up in it's own box with packing, so no breakage as another comment mentioned. Their comment must have made a difference, because they packed this very well. So, this yeast worked perfectly. Nothing more to be said, it did it's job well. The bread is shaped just like you'd expect, done perfectly. Buy this, it works well!Ranscott2011

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