Elgi Ultra Dura+ Table Top Wet Grinder, 1.25 Liter

Brand Name Ultra
Model Dura+
Rating ★★★½☆ 
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The Elgi Ultra Wet Grinder is a handy appliance for your kitchen. It is constructed for efficiency and exemplary performance. This 1.25 liter table top wet grinder is sleek, compact and space-saving. It's lightweight, movable and aesthetically designed. This portable wet grinder is fitted with sturdy and robust motor and patented conical grinding stones, which results in better batter and less wear and tear. This unit is made of food grade plastic with a SS304 stainless steel drum and rust proof materials. The operation is noiseless and vibration-free. Cleaning is easy and it is suitable to make flour for Idli, Dosa, Urad, Vada, Dhokla and more.

Elgi Ultra Dura+ Table Top Wet Grinder, 1.25 Liter
Elgi Ultra Dura+ Table Top Wet Grinder, 1.25 Liter
Elgi Ultra Dura+ Table Top Wet Grinder, 1.25 Liter:Efficient and well made
Table top wet grinder has a sleek design to complement your kitchen
Compact in size to save space
Portable wet grinder is lightweight
Strong motor for optimum performance
Has patented conical grinding stones for less wear
Constructed from food grade plastic
SS304 stainless steel drum
Quiet and vibration-free operation
Detachable drum
Easy to clean Made for use in USA & Canada at 110 Volts 60hz
Stainless steel rotor
Please refer the instructional manual before use
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 Customer Reviews

Love Ultra Dura+ wet grinder
We are a small family of 3 people. This product perfectly suits our needs and we don't waste food. It perfectly grinds one pound Idli rice in 10 to 12 minutes and about half cup urad dal in another 10 to 12 minutes max. For Adai and Pesarttu, the grind time is about 8 to 10 minutes for 1 to 1.5 cups dal. We also use the grinder for atta kneading for making chapati or roti and grind coconut powder (it is extra option, have to be bought separately). We use this wet grinder 3 to 4 days a week. We love the product. We recommend this product for anyone who wants to grind Idli batter on their own.shankargb
Value for investmenr
Right size for family of three. Taste of idly changed at myhome after using this. Prevly was using blendorVarshith
Happy with this Product!
Best wet grinder ever. Very compact and ideal for even small kitchens. Works like a charm. No complaints. Atta Kneader that comes with it, is also very usefulSaba

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