(3 Pack) Pillsbury Best Bread Flour, 5-Pound

Brand Name Pillsbury
Rating ★★★★¼ 
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  • Pillsbury Best Bread Flour Is Made From Hard Spring Wheat And Contains A Higher Percentage Of Protein Than Regular All Purpose Flour.
    • Bread Flour Is Ideal For Bread Baking. It Can Be Directly Substituted For All Purpose Flour

 Customer Reviews

NY Dave, baking fresh
Walmart has truly stepped up, i received the flour with an expiration date of 10/21 which is great and they were perfectly packed, the delivery date was better than Amazon. Thank you walmart and your staff. To All employees stay safe and God Bless you.Angel
Best flour
The 2-five pound bags of flour arrived undamaged and in perfect condition. Some say it doesn't matter if you use all purpose flour or bread flour, but I baked bread with this flour last night and it turned out better than the bread I baked with a.p. flour.treasurevine
Pan a la pandemic
Learning to bake as we stay at home, cloistering from the COVID-19. Have made some great pizzas and some pretty good breads.Andrew

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