Cuisinart CBK-100 Programmable Breadmaker


Making a freshly baked bread everyday is easy with Cuisinart CBK 100 Programmable Bread maker. Make lovely home-made breads with this amazing programmable bread maker in just minutes. Read the review of this awesome bread maker for deeper information.

Cuisinart-CBK-100-PanelCuisinart Programmable Bread maker comes with many great features. One of the preferred features is the selection of 12 settings that you can be used for any types of cooking bread.

Moreover, this bread maker equipped with large LCD display allows you to view the crust color selection and displays loaf size. You can also see the timer selection from this LCD display.

Make your cooking bread activity into fully automatic simply by set the delay timer. You can delay the cooking-bread process from one to thirteen hours.

For the functionality and the operation, Cuisinart CBK 100 Programmable Bread maker is very easy to use. Simply by adding ingredients into the machine, close the lid, set the timer, and push the button. The process of cooking bread will never easier than this.

Features of Cuisinart CBK-100

  • This bread maker is a programmable, so you can set the timer up to thirteen hours, and allows you to bake 1, 1.5, or 2 pounds of loaves
  • Featured with 12 different menu settings, with 3 different crust shades, and delay timer which can be set up from one to thirteen hours
  • Large LCD display allows you to view the selection of crust color and loaf size
  • For easy cleanup, this bread maker equipped with removable pan, lid, and paddle
  • Equipped with keep-it-cool handles, even the temperature of cooking process is hot

Review of Cuisinart Programmable Bread maker from the Customers

There are many good reviews stated about this amazing bread maker. Most of them have good reviews. Here are some of the reviews.

Cuisinart-CBK-100A happy housewife who bought this bread maker for her family said that the bread maker is really exceeds the expectations. She had never any problems concerning cooking-bread process. The breads produced by this machine are really good.

Another happy customer of this bread maker said that she never had any problems even at the first time she used this bread maker. The instructions provided with this product are really helpful. Now he can make any kinds of bread, including gluten free bread.

A satisfied customer of this product said that the machine is so quiet. When the cooking-bread process is running, she did not hear the noisy sound from the machine. She also likes the automatic process when the baking-bread process is running. The timer will tell you when exactly the bread has been baked and ready to be served.

A small issue seems to be appeared regarding this bread maker. A customer said that the manual did not tell exactly the time for each stage of each level in baking process. But this is not a big problem. After you use this bread maker for 3-4 times, you should understand the time for each stage.

Above all, with more than a hundred reviews stated for this bread maker, you may want to get this bread maker. Make fabulous breads for your family right now.

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