Breadman TR520 Programmable Bread Maker

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Brand Name Breadman
Model TR520
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The very first thing you need to know is that Breadman has a great company that stays on its existence for years. If staying for years stated the company works far better than many other companies, then you should know by now that you will get the quality when you order the product other than just scam products that you may probably will not receive after you purchase it online or simply broken after a few times of using. As a matter of fact, breadman breadmaker is one of the best bread maker machines you can find online. If you have a tighter budget but still want to have one on your own, then it is a recommended product for you to buy.

Breadman TR520 PanelWhen you purchase Breadman bread machine you will get the bread maker with 13.5 x 12.2 x 13.5” dimensions that weight 13 pounds. There is a LCD display to help you bake easily with eight functions of choices you can find out. The manual instructions is also available so you can learn to do it yourself to make the bread. Expect many kinds of breadmaker recipes because these also come as a package along with the bread maker. This machine can produce loads up to two pounds and you can have the choice to delay time for up to 13 hours.

Pros and Cons of Breadman bread maker

Breadman TR520Based on the reviews from people who have tried this product, most of them usually have their pros and cons based on some issues. Many people love breadman breadmaker because they love how the price they spent can really give them fresh homemade bread that is just so delicious to consume anytime they want. This also means, anytime they feel like giving their loved ones or having some parties around the neighborhood, they can easily make the dough and bring a fresh bake bread to those occasions.

Many of those users also like the LCD display use because sometimes they can take a peek and check on their bread especially when it has already spread great smells around the house.

While for the cons perspective it would be depend on the person who uses it. A person said that this product is such a lightweight bread maker that usually noisy when pleading dough while the other person said that the control’s color choice with white lettering letter is so difficult to read. There will be also some reviews that state more to the middle arguments. But overall, breadman breadmaker is a satisfaction product with great and affordable price you can have that competes perfectly with other machines on the market.

Conclusion before you buy Breadman bread machine

You can make a good comparison before you order a bread maker so that you don’t have to be too disappointed when you find out that some products can be better than the one you choose in a hurry.

You may find that some machines are just a lot more expensive than breadman bread maker. With almost the same features as this machine, you can take the advantage of choosing this one other than the more expensive one.

After you read this review you can figure out that a good quality bread maker can comes with reasonable price. So buy your machine today and enjoy the sensation of fresh homemade bread comes from your own kitchen anytime!

 Customer Reviews

Great for your everyday breadmaker
I've only owned this product for three days, but it's been put through a rigorous testing. In three days, it has made five loaves of bread, three of them back-to-back, and it performs wonderfully every time. My family likes lighter, softer crusts, and with homemade bread that usually requires gobs of butter slathered on after baking, but this machine makes awesome soft-crust bread on the lightest setting. The recipes included in the booklet are wonderful, and there is a good range of things offered, both for everyday and the special sweet and savory breads. The only reason I gave four stars on features is the inability to create your own program, but for fifty dollars, I definitely won't complain. Well-constructed breadmakers like this one that have such a feature often cost around 200 dollars, so for everyday recipes that can fall into one of the preset programs, this is a great bargain. The four-star rating for appearance is a nitpick, really. The display screen is kind of hard to read without a backlight. But you can look at it from an angle and solve that problem, so I figure it's a small price to pay. The bread it makes has come out delicious and evenly baked every time, it isn't very big for what it can make, and the range of capabilities for such a low price is truly remarkable. Now the only test left is how long it will last under such strenuous use.BNLeuck
Easy to use
I got this as a gift, because my old bread maker broke. This one is really easy to use and comes with a fabulous instruction booklet that includes recipes. I've made two of the recipes so far - whole wheat bread and Italian Seasoned Bread. Both turned out lovely. My only criticism is that reading the booklet was a little daunting, because it had so much information, but once I got started everything went off without a hitch.nermalc
All I could ask for...
This is the second Breadman I have ever owned, and I love it. The features are so great. My first machine took up a good bit of room on the counter. Since I don't have a lot of counter space, I was very pleased to see this machine did not take up so much space. The bread I've made thus far has been delicious. I love this little machine and the bread it makes.Fmtoll
Excellent breadmaker for price
Got this to replace machine from same manufacturer that lasted thru many years of hard use. While this machine takes up less counter space, it moves around on counter more due to rocking motion & slightly uneven feet. Keep an eye on it until you know how far it travels or you may lose it over the edge. Also, the lid hinges seem a bit flimsy & I'm being careful with them. The cycles run differently than in older machines, and there's a definite learning curve to using the new machine. All my custom bread recipes have risen higher than in my previous machine so I'm mainly using 1 1/2 lb recipes so as not to overflow pan. It seems to knead dough very well and develop gluten fully so dough can be a bit softer & lighter and still not collapse. Breads have all had excellent texture, perfect moisture, and beautiful crust. Really nice job of making good stretchy pizza dough too. Very happy with machine overall.spikeshops2
Breadman Bread Maker
This is my second Breadman bread maker. The first one lasted 20 years with the purchase of 1 new bread pan. I use it to make the dough for whole wheat bread which I make twice a week. I then form the dough into loaves and bake it. Previously I did make finished loaves in it, but we like it better baked in the oven. Due to a wrist & hand injury I cannot hand knead the dough easily so that is now what I use the bread maker for. I then shape the loaf & bake it.
This item came in less time than expected. There is no problem for me in reading the programs in the window of the bread maker. We are satisfied with it, but have had the new one only a month so far.Mimi
Great bread maker for a beginner
I am not a baker so this was a good way for me to get fresh bread and rolls. Just follow the recipe instructions they are easy and you will enjoy the bread and the aroma in the house.JAGinTEXAS
Repeat Purchase
We used our previous Breadman 2-lb machine about three times a week and were very pleased with it. It broke down after 3 years so we bought a new one (April 2016).
The new model is identical to the old one and performs exactly the same as far as baking is concerned. So far (after two/three weeks) the stirrer does not stick in the loaf.DavidR
Breadman TR520
So far it works great. I've baked 1 loaf with fast acting yeast. Heavy bread but good flavor. Also tried knead only for rolls. Really like then feature s with my of Breadmsn I had to watch and catch it before last ride. Used my old recipe. Good but did not seem to rise as high. Maybe my fault in rushing process. I'd recommend this to friends as it's priced nice and seems to work wellCarolyn
Good basic machine
We use the correct ingredients - all the loaves so far have been perfect. The instructions aren't really very clear about setting the thing and the lettering is yellow so you can't see it (use the picture in the manual), but this was said by reviews I read and I felt the brand and the price would still be a good buy. The performance is very good, and that is what is important and we are very pleased.SBDakota
I had a bread maker several years ago until it quit working. I decided to start making my own whole wheat bread again. I've tried 3 different recipes and the crust is just too hard and dry even on the lightest setting. I used the whole wheat setting and tried the quick setting. I tried one quick bread and it didn't mix evenly and almost burned the crust. I even had someone measure ingredients with me to make sure I wasn't messing something up. If you like heavy bread and a tough crust, you'll love this machine. I've experimented enough and will try another brand of maker. This one is being returned.KitchenLynn

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