Oster Expressbake White Bread Machine

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Make delicious pastries and breads from the comfort of home with the help of the Oster Expressbake Breadmaker. It can make 1 to 2 lbs of family size fresh-baked loaves. This electric bread maker can produce a regular loaf in less than one hour using the built-in ExpressBake cycle. If you want a more customized cooking time, it is also equipped with a 13-hour delay timer, as well as nine other settings for different products. The Oster breadmaker is designed with a large glass window so you can easily see how your bread is doing. It also has a signal notification tone to let you know from afar if your bread is done. The large LCD screen and cool-touch exterior housing add to the convenience of using this appliance. This model includes a gluten-free setting as a healthy option.

Oster Expressbake White Bread MachineOster Expressbake White Bread MachineOster Expressbake White Bread MachineOster Expressbake White Bread MachineOster Expressbake White Bread Machine
Oster Expressbake White Bread Machine
Oster Expressbake Breadmaker:The Oster Expressbake Breadmaker makes 1-2-lb family size loaves9 bread settings for a variety of breads, dough and jamsExpressbake setting for bread in less than 1 hour13-hour delay timerAudible signal notificationThe Oster breadmaker has a large glass windowLid removes for easy cleaningNon-stick aluminum bread panLarge and easy to read LCD screenCool-touch exterior housingThe electric bread maker machine includes a measuring cup, a spoon and a kneading bladeModel number: CKSTBRTW20
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 Customer Reviews

Great Bread Machine
This bread machine is very easy. I was making bread shortly after opening the box. Their recipes are so simple for the basic white and wheat but also has many other kinds. I figured there would be a lot of prep for it but it all goes in the pan and mixes everything itself and off it goes. Most of the time it takes to make the bread is for the time used on mixing and rising. The only downfall I've seen is that it wobbles on the more heavy flour recipes. The good thing is that it smells great and makes other things like jam and pizza dough.Jellokel
I use for gluten-free bread
I bought this machine before Christmas specifically to make gluten-free bread.
So far, I have not tried from-scratch recipes, but have had good luck with mixes for cinnamon-raisin and whole grain from B.R.M. The short cycles do not work for gluten-free bread. The mixes recommend the basic over 3 hour setting and that seems to work.
Even though the time is long, I can put in the room-temperature wet ingredients ( liquids plus oil and egg), then the dry on top with a hole in the middle for the yeast, set the machine and forget it.
One trick I use is to warm the water in the microwave before whisking with the oil and somewhat cold egg(s). That way I don't have to leave my eggs out of the fridge.
I'm hoping to graduate to from-scratch recipes, but the mixes are convenient.
I am a fan of whole grain. Never liked to eat doughy white bread, even before I discovered I needed to go gluten-free.130SOwner
Great little friend
We purchased this breadmaker as a Christmas gift for me, but i can't keep my husband away from it now. It makes awesome bread with no effort from our part. Set it and forget it.
All we have to do is put the ingredients in and watch the bread being "created".
The bread comes out SO GOOD!
I would most definitely recommend this product!shopperAB

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